Total Plastering Painting Solution

TPPS can help cut down 10 times of workforce needed, which is the line with the Government's policy of reducing dependency on foreign workers as machines are used to do the job previously done manually. TPPS also helps save natural resources, such as sand in the face of shortages in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong. This help reduce the cost of raw material by a hefty 10 times.

Our proposal presents our firm's ability to make good your goal. The combination of these factors has created unprecedented conditions that are totally different form the conventional way of experience:-

  • - Quality of finished product
  • - Speed of work
  • - Efficiency of work
  • - Cleanliness at site
  • - The potential for cost savings
TPPS T-18310 Clay
TPPS T-10235 Granite
TPPS T-1134 Galaxy
TPPS T-12338 Milano Lychee
TPPS T-13333 Wira Blue
TPPS T-1181 Appricot
TPPS T-12129 Terra Cotta
TPPS T-15800 Ruby
TPPS T-1188 Taman Negara
TPPS T-10831 Orange
TPPS T-100 Natural

Technical Data


TPPS is an exterior total solution system for finishing product. It produce excellent consistent to exterior plastering and bare concrete surface. TPPS system is extremely strong, tough, weather and fungus resistant for 10 years. It is specially formulated to meet the demand for high quality plastering consistency. It is suitable for (bare concrete surface, plaster, asbestos and etc).

Physical Data

Colour According to the card
Gloss Satin finish
Solid (by volume) 49%
Specific Gravity 1.7 to 1.9
Flash Point None (Water or solvent)

Recommendation for use

Formation Close
thickness, dry 1mm to 2mm

Theoretical Spreading Rate

At Recommended Thickness 1 sq.m/ litre

Drying Time (Guiding data at ambient condition)

Dry to Touch 60mins
Dry to Recoat, min 6 hours
Dry to Handle, min 12 hours

Application Methods Mortar Gun

Guiding Data for Mortar Spray Gun

Nozzle Tip 7mm
Spray Angle 65º to 80º

Thinner / Cleaner Water

Surface Preparation

New surface should be dry clean flat and sound. Old porous and or chalky surface should be brushed, cleaned and coat with TPPS system.

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